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Your Detox Journey starts here.


Why detox to begin with? Doesn’t my body already do that? !!

The body is made up of finely tuned systems to do just that, however, modern day life filled with processed foods, excessive alcohol, environmental toxins, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, toxic relationships and other stresses are all compounding factors that result in a toxic overload within our bodies. A fasting detox allows us to take that load off and sends the body into a state of healing and balance by cleansing and repairing at a deep, cellular level.

Refresh Detox Samui wants everyone to have that opportunity to rid their body, mind and soul of toxins accumulated overtime.

For those that wish to have a more social detox experience here on our tropical island paradise Koh Samui, our Elysia Boutique Detox programs include accommodation onsite at the resort.

We also cater to clients that have made their own accommodation choice and prefer to have a private experience. (Don’t have one yet, but this appeals to you? Contact us directly for some truly exquisite property listings). Sit back in the comfort of your stay, as Refresh Detox Samui delivers our bespoke programs and holistic treatments, supporting you throughout, with our V.I.P Wellness Concierge services.

Whichever your preference, you will be guided and supported throughout your detox journey. It truly can be a life changing experience! You just need to bring yourself and an open mind to the process and you will note the changes within you, inside and out.