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All About Us


“Honouring your health through progress and not perfection” is not as easy as it sounds – especially today, with the constant onslaught of social media, peer pressure and unnatural concepts of beauty, but it is possible, when armed with the right tool kit.

Refresh Detox Samui was founded as I was wanting to gain a more personal touch for setting my clients up to make the first steps to living a healthier, more balanced lifestyle – by laying the foundations to their health and eliminating toxins first and foremost through calm and effective programs, being the cornerstone. These perfected programs, in alignment with my clients’ needs and desired outcomes, sets them up to ‘get refreshed’.


This formula didn’t come overnight. Break-outs of hives signalled an allergic reaction to wheat and became the catalyst to discovering that one does not necessarily need to feel like they have just fallen into a food coma after every meal. It had literally lifted the fog from my head, and not only that I noticed a marked change in my skin and digestion that used to have me stop dead in my tracks with my gut feeling like it was in knots constantly. Seeing a naturopath, the process of elimination through dietary changes and discovering new ways of eating was the start of a beautiful friendship and personal realisation. When told “Ugh! What?! no bread – you must be dying…” (truth is I was with the wheat) but, I saw it as a blessing in disguise.


Fast forward to a life changing trip to a detox resort in Asia, a new take on my body, how it felt, how it moved and how much more I enjoyed life; igniting a passion and therefore, leading to a degree in Health Science, majoring in Nutritional Medicine. From education and qualifications to a leading Health Management role in one of the world’s first fasting detox resorts in Thailand, then set the stage to launch with my own, unique brand of detox programmes.

Armed with a greater knowledge of how much a change in diet can positively impact one’s existence I made it my life’s purpose to equip others with the same awareness to improve their wellbeing. What sets me apart, compared to the large detox centres, is that I have the time and space to really get to know and understand my client’s bespoke, individual needs and teach them the tips and tricks to further the benefits of fasting, even after returning to ‘normal’ life. 


So if you’re tired of feeling tired and are ready to invest in yourself to nourish your body and build confidence in your own skin, get in touch with me today and we will work together to make sure you’re living your best life!


Warmest regards,