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Refresh Detox Samui  specialises in serious Detox ProgramsColon Cleansing, Juice Cleanses and Holistic Treatments on the beautiful tropical Island of Samui.

Our detox retreats and programs can be life changing, enabling you to focus on your health and wellbeing. We pride ourselves in offering effective fasting detoxes that provide a safe accelerated and cleansing effect, hitting the ‘reset’ button on your body and leaving you feeling rejuvenated. A cleansing detox will help your body rid itself of the toxins that create Bloating, IBS, Constipation, Headaches and Lack of Energy, and can additionally help promote Weight-Loss. 

Staying Onsite at our detox retreat

Refresh Detox Samui really is a boutique detox retreat – we have only 7 bedrooms in the resort which gives it a very friendly feel of like-minded people. We are also unique in the respect that demand for our programs and skills is high which has led us to develop the Concierge Detox Cleanse, providing all the same detox and cleanses directly to clients who are staying in their own villa.

Modern day life filled with processed foods, excess alcohol, environmental toxins, and other stresses are the compounding factors that our clients seek our services. A cleansing detox, takes that load off and sends the body into a state of deep healing at a cellular level.

Staying at your own villa

We have a trending number of  clients who come to Koh Samui in small groups for an extended holiday, and then take days out of their travel plans, to complete a fasting detox with the added and inclusive extra advantage of colon cleanse. So, our boutique resort experience continues for our on-site guests, and off-site guests use the Concierge Detox service to get the same great treatments and therapists, but in the privacy of their own home! 
Whether you stay with us at the retreat, or in your own accommodation on the Island, our caring team of holistic treatment therapists, with their years of knowledge, will provide a first-class detox experience and you get your body back!

If you would like to stay with us at the resort you can check room availability and book here.

If you have already booked accommodation on the Island or if there is no availability to stay with us on your date, you can book via the Concierge Detox service.

Holistic Therapy